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Mindful reflections allow one to pause and reflect without judgement but with curiosity and openness to our feelings, thoughts, experiences, and actions.

By mindfully reflecting on a question or statement, we cultivate awareness of our thoughts, behaviours, motives, and the resulting consequences in our lives.

Mindful reflections can, at times, feel uncomfortable. Notice what feels uncomfortable and where it originates from. Accept that some reflections may be difficult to meditate on. However, there is a blossoming of greater awareness of ones openness to change without shame or guilt when we reflect.

Through mindful reflections, one can begin to live life closer to one's core value system. We can enhance the relationship we have with ourselves and others.

When mindfully meditating on a question, ask yourself the following:

  • What are my ethics/values around this statement? Do my values match up with my actions? If not, why not? How do I integrate those values further?

  • Do I surround myself with people who support me to uphold those values?

  • If not, why not? Can I find ways to express gratitude to those in my life who are supportive?

  • What is my intention for this reflection? What is the right, mindful action following my reflection?

Importantly, a mindful reflection can support clarity of mind, decision-making, and personal growth. It is vital that any meditation or mindful practice is done without judgment to yourself or others.

Try a mindful reflection with the below two questions:

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