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She Feared to Express a View

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

A young woman knew she had to bring her consciousness to bear on a particular problem.

She had to get over her fear of expressing a different point of view when talking to others.

Whenever there was a group discussion at work, she remained quiet. She was afraid that if she spoke her mind there might be a backlash, so she preferred to keep quiet. Inwardly, she could not keep quiet. Her mind would not let her.

She experienced negative and resentful thoughts towards herself and others. Her fears held back from expressing warmth to others in case they misunderstood her.

She realised it could not go on like this and decided to embark on four changes:

1. She would voice a concern or criticism to somebody or in a group once every five days.

2. She would express words of appreciation to somebody.

3. She shared with her friend her decision.

4.She gradually developed confidence and trust in her voice.

As a result, over several months, she grew in confidence about expressing her own views.

Her resentment faded.

Her happiness and sense of wellbeing increased.

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