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Mindfulness of the Breathing Experience

1. In the sitting posture, be mindful of the full breath experience.

2. Experience the body expanding with the inhalation and contracting with the exhalation.

3. It is not necessary to focus on a particular location in the body.

4. Simply be mindful of breathing in and breathing out.

5. If tired, keep the eyes open. If restless, breathe long and deep and relax with the outbreath.

6. Allow the breath to flow in and out of the body, whether the breath is rough or smooth, shallow or deep.

7. Be aware of any moment(s) of stillness before the next in-breath.

8. Be aware of changes in the breath, of impermanence of every breath.

9. Experience the air element stimulating the cells of the body.

10. Relax gently with the outbreath when the mind easily wanders.

11. Let the brain cells become quiet.

12. Mindfulness of breathing contributes to harmony of body and mind and direct experience of organic life.

13. The air element confirms our intimacy and inter-dependence with the surrounding world.

14. Feel the freedom of simply breathing in and breathing out.

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