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Change. Change. Change. A World of Change

The marks of constant change apply to everything, inwardly and outwardly, here and there, mind and body.

Change occurs from the most distant galaxy to a single thought. Everything, actual or imagined, arises, persists and fades away, very slowly or at the speed of light.

It is hard to give a metaphor to show the slowest change or rapid speed of chang. Change also reveals progress and regress, evolution and degeneration, starting and finishing, birth and death, coming and going.

Time reveals change and change reveals time. Past, present and future confirm modification, adaptation and non-adaptation.

What is, what was and what will be confirm impermanence. Whatever is now becomes different.

There is nothing that remains absolutely the same, nor becomes absolutely different. Everything affects everything else. This principle applies to you, to me, to everything.

We live in a world of impermanence with everything and everyone with whom we have contact.

Change confirms the vulnerable condition of human existence affecting us from within and from without.

Live wisely. Live realistically.

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