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Take a Look at our Two Blogs per Week or More

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Thank you for making the time to look at the Blog.

The Wise Lotus Centre got underway in late April 2022 after refurbishment from a shop into a Centre for wellbeing In Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire, UK.

My name is Christopher Titmuss. I am the Senior Consultant for The Wise Lotus Centre. Nshorna (my daughter), is the founder and CEO of TWLC.

Starting from the beginning of May 2022, I will post two or more blogs per week with each blog taking one to three minutes to read. The blogs will cover a range of themes - tips/advice for daily life, poems, reflections, mindful practices, short relevant stories, points to remember and concerns you may wish to ponder.

I have included a photograph with every blog. I took nearly all the photographs during my travels teaching retreats and leading pilgrimages in different continents. There are around 18,000 photographs in 200 albums on Flickr. The link between the text and photograph may be apparent but not always.

Please take a regular look at the blogs. You may find a text supportive and insightful for you or others.



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