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Mindfulness. Going deeper than fighting, shooting and operating drones

The daily practice of mindfulness encourages us to see clearly ourselves and others.

Mindfulness contributes to the reduction of stress, unhappiness and despair.

It uplifts the human spirit of ourselves and others.

Ethics of mindfulness reveals as no wish, no intention to hurt, nor harm or put down another.

Without the ethics, some develop mindfulness to exploit others, get their own

and inflict.

This principle gives value to mindfulness as an aid to love and wisdom.

A person looking into a computer where he controls a drone hovering over a village in Pakistan to kill certain people might think he is being mindful.

Wilful Intention

It is wilful intention to make others suffer, and indirectly their family and friends. Same as the sniper mindfully breathing out as he pulls the trigger for an unlawful execution.

Or the boxer wishing to inflict as much pain as possible onto the person in the ring to defeat him. He is mindful of his opponent, moment to moment, in every round

The mindfulness remains under the influence of the desire to inflict pain.

Mindfulness develops empathy. It enables us to treat others as we wish to be treated. We do not want a drone hovering over our street for days with an intent to kill. We do not want a sniper to assassinate us. We do not want a boxer to beat us up to the point we are counted out.

Mindfulness supports kindness, fearlessness and respects the vulnerability of another.

Mindfulness offers the hand of peace.

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