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Insightful Reflections

A practice to bring increased self awareness of ones thoughts, feelings and connection between body and mind.


  • Take a few slow, deep breaths.

  • Set your intention for the practice.

  • Read the below statements out loud. You can do this with a partner or on your own. For the statements that you need to finish, do not answer impulsively. Take a moment to cultivate your thoughts around the statement then finish the sentence.

  • Notice how you react to each statement. What are the feelings and emotions that arise? What sensations do you notice in the body? Are they pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral?

  • What emotions arise? Are they pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral? Do you resonate with any particular statement? Are any of the statements particularly difficult to say out loud? Where does your mind go when you read the statements?

  • Remember, mindfulness is about intention, attention, and right action. What are your intentions before the practice? Once you have placed the attention on the statement, what action can you take to support yourself to build on the pleasant feelings and reduce the negative ones? Do some of the statements require further exploration?

I am safe

I trust myself

I trust others

I appreciate others when they….

I am proud of myself for….

I express anger by…..

I regret….

I am confident when I….

I feel love when….

I am happy

I feel positive about life

I experience fear when….

I struggle to focus when….

I am grateful for….

I can create peace in my life by…..

I accept myself

I can change….

Challenging times in my life made me…..

I manage stress by….

I could manage stress differently by….

I find things easy to let go of….

My life has meaning

My life intention is…..

I am most happy when….

I can improve my inner happiness by….

I feel calm when…..

I find it difficult to be calm when…..

I can improve being calm when…..

I find it difficult to make decisions when….

I can improve clarity of mind by…..

I can forgive myself for…..

The most important values in my life are….

I feel misunderstood when....

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