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Updated: Dec 4, 2022

What are crystals?

There are many types of crystals with different benefits ranging from mental to physical healing powers. Crystals are living organisms formed underground. They have a life energy of their own and are usually grown in clusters. A crystals appearance depends on the natural characteristics of its type and the condition in which it grows.

Uses of crystals:

Crystals are mainly used when healing/balance needs to be bought to a person’s life. Healing has been a property attributed to crystals since antient times. Crystals are believed to have ‘magical’ powers. They can be used in the following areas:

  • Physically. They can be used to reduce pain and inflammation around the body. Malachite, Bloodstone and Amethyst are good for relieving physical pain, stress and tension.

  • Mentally/emotionally. They can be used to reduce or enhance chains of thought relating to logic and or attitude. Apophyllite, tiger’s eye and amber are great crystals for reducing worry, anxiety and self esteem etc. Citrine, rose quarts and ocean jasper are known to be the best crystals for bringing happiness, love and elevating spirits.

  • Spiritually. Crystals can be used to enhance in other areas- such as meditation. Clear quarts is one of the best crystals for meditation. It helps to enhance physical abilities and acts as a deep soul cleanser, connecting the physical dimension with the spiritual realm.

Basic uses:

  • Placing a crystal in a room can attract positive energies and remove negative energy.

  • Holding a crystal in your palm can serve as a force for your concentration which can help the conscious mind- especially if stressed.

  • Wearing a crystal in the form of jewellery can attract associated energies and looks good!

Chakra use:

The human body is believed to contain several ‘points of energy’- called chakras- which govern the way we feel. If a chakra is ‘low on energy’- then it can have a profound affect on your mental health. It is believed some crystals can help restore the ‘chakras energy level’ back to normal.

If you are willing to try this, find a place you can lay down (somewhere you can relax) and place a single crystal of the corresponding onto each chakra for around 10 minutes.

  • Base/root chakra- use brown crystals to assist energy associated with grounding and stabilising.

  • Sacral chakra- use red crystals to assist energy associated with physical energy and positive thought.

  • Solar plexus chakra- use orange crystals to assist energy associated with happiness, self-discipline and self-worth.

  • Heart chakra- use green crystals to assist energy associated with love and compassion.

  • Throat chakra- use blue crystals to assist energy associated with communication, logic and understanding.

  • Crown chakra- use white crystals to assist energy associated with imagination, optimism and strengthening.

The Wise Lotus Centre has a range of new crystals arriving this week into the shop. We are more than happy to assist with advice about which crystals can support your wellbeing, whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

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