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A Summary of the Benefits of Yoga

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

We spend most of the day, everyday of our life, using our body in the same familiar way.

This daily repetition can contribute to stress, stiffness, inflexibility, back ache, blocked energy and sleepless nights.

Developed in India, yoga offers a range of movements/postures to develop ease in movement.

· Yoga helps dissolve tension/aches/pains and release extra energy.

· Yoga offers direct physical benefits to our posture, flexibility and uplifts our vitality.

· Known as asanas, the postures/poses develop ability to focus, poise and balance.

· Practitioners of yoga report finding peace of mind, mental alertness and feeling more alive through regular practice.

· Participants come with specific needs while others attend with physical well-being and enjoyment of yoga.

· A yoga class is suitable for people of all ages.

· A yoga teacher and attending a regular yoga class offers the best way to learn yoga.

· Daily practice at home supports mental and physical well-being.

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