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The Meaning Behind the Wise Lotus Centre

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Choosing the name for a new centre requires some thought and exploration. It is important that any name represents the ethos and values of the business and what it sets out to achieve.

For more than 3000 years, the East has recognised the Lotus as a symbol of a wise and fulfilled way of life.

For example, the Buddha spoke of four kinds of people in the world.

1. Those stuck in muddy water at the bottom of the lake who need support to find a way out.

2. Those who have emerged out of the mud.

3. Those who get close to flowering.

4. Those who have fully bloomed on top of the lake.

Monasteries and ashrams in the East often have a pond in the grounds where lotus flowers can come to full bloom to remind monks, nuns and laypeople of their potential to come to fulfilment.

The colour of three Lotus flowers has a different meaning.

· The blue Lotus represents wisdom

· The red Lotus represents compassion

· The white Lotus represents a pure heart.


Wisdom applies to the full range of human activities. These activities include our application of body, speech and mind.

Wisdom includes the development of calmness, clarity and skilful responses to situations.

Mindfulness, reflection, supportive teachings and practices show the way to a wise way of living.

We find wisdom through listening to each other, sharing of experiences and applying our understanding.

We look into stress, suffering and conflict. Practices include exploring the causes and conditions to see necessary changes to resolve issues.

Wisdom reveals itself through a dedicated way of life to support others, creatures and our environment, as well as ourselves.

Peace of mind, love and happiness confirm wisdom.

The Wise Lotus was chosen as our name as we wish to support and nourish all beings on their journey through life, regardless of where they are in the pond! It takes wisdom from yourself and from others to support you to fully blossom to your position on top of the lake.

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